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Welcome to Creative Floor Crafters, FLP

Creative Floor Crafters
Why should you choose CREATIVE FLOOR CRAFTERS?
CREATIVE FLOOR CRAFTERS cares about results and appearance.
  • We care about your home and its contents.
  • We care about the work that you associate with our name.
  • We care greatly about what you, your friends, and neighbors think of our work.
  • We want to inform our prospective customers of the multitude of variables which may exist BEFORE they choose what they will live with for years, even decades.


CREATIVE FLOOR CRAFTERS is a third generation family-owned business with a history of caring.

  • All of the preceding family members were detail and quality oriented.
  • They insisted on incorporating methods that contribute to a better product and increased satisfaction by our customers.
  • Those tradition have continued on and our customers see it in every job.
  • While "the industry norm" has been for others to focus on increased production, cheaper products, and profit unwarranted by their results, we focus on things that will provide our customers better real quality.

CREATIVE FLOOR CRAFTERS continuously produces results that are known to be superior.  
  • We ensure that our customer's floors are better by doing preparation and restorative work others ignore.
  • We implement techniques and common sense practices that others are unaware of or will not take the time to do.
  • We provide an enduring product that has better initial appearance, and quality that becomes evident over time.

CREATIVE FLOOR CRAFTERS has the experience our customers want. From a 70 year family history of working on wood floors, we know!
  • We've learned things about finishes for the benefit of our customers that others don't care about or want to know.
  • We've learned about major differences in much of the wood flooring available that affects what we choose for our customers.
  • We've learned that as our customers live with and use the floors we've done, and as they compare their floors to others, they appreciate our quality more and more.
  • We work for people who want more value for their money in Minneapolis, St. Paul, all the surrounding suburbs, throughout Minnesota, into North Dakota & South Dakota, and Wisconsin.
  • How to install a wood floor – We regularly provide extremely helpful on-the-job technical installation assistance for an hourly fee, that can allow those who choose to install pre-finished or unfinished wood floors themselves to achieve much better results than what can be learned from a video, book, or magazine article.




Creative Floor Crafters
Birdseye Maple with Glitsa Swedish Finish and a Woodshapes brand flush without frame vent

With the help of these quality finishes, we achieve better results.
  • Glitsa Swedish Finish - Used in the US of A with great success for over 50 years.
  • Glitsa waterborne finishes – "InfinityII" emulsion and new Glitsa "MAX" with polycarbonate resins.
  • Basic Coatings & Bona - Very durable, high quality, waterborne finishes. 
  • Poloplaz - Highly rated, very durable "Primero" oil-modified polyurethane
  • Other finishes used according to job preferences.


NWFA Certified and Insured.
P.O. Box 1266
Maple Grove, MN 55311
Phone: (763) 424-8030